If you are a real music lover, then you must have heard about the Headphones and Headsets and got confused with these two terms, and ended up your confusion by thinking that both are same.

It is not only you many peoples still thinks that both Headphones & Headsets are of the same name. Also, we saw some people referring the headphones as headset and headset as headphones because they don’t know the headphones vs headset differences.

You will be really surprised after knowing the differences between both of the music gadgets.

Also, this information will help you in choosing the right audio device between Headphones Vs Headset to get better sound experience and knowing the best usage capability.

And that’s our main motto to help you in finding your best Sound and Audio devices.

So, now let’s finish your doubt & know the key differences between Headphones vs Headsets.

Differences Between the Headphones and Headsets.

Major Difference

The major differences between the headphones & headset are the Mic or you can say that the microphone connection.

In a general word, Headset is a set of headphone equipped with a boom microphone. The boom microphone means that the microphone is attached to a boom through which you can move the mic in any direction as you are comfortable. You can set it in the perfect position so that it catches your clear voice.

Also, the Boom microphone has the Noise cancellation feature that does a great job in cancelling the background noise so that the receiver receives your clear voice.

Headphones Vs Headset

While some headsets are also available in the market in which microphone can be detached. This function is mostly available in the gaming headsets or you can say that in the branded headsets.

Now you must be wondering about the headphones, Your mind must be asking that what happens to the headphone, is there not any mic?

So the answer is that, yes some headphones do not have a mic or some have but they are the Dedicated mic which is inbuilt in the Headphones.

Headphones have the dedicated mic that’s why they are easy to carry but the voice input is not as great as the headset have.

In simple word you can understand that

Attached microphone = Headset

Not attached microphone = Headphone

So this is one of the major headphones Vs headset difference, not only that there is also some sound quality difference that is listed below.

Headphone Vs Headset Sound quality differences.

While looking to the audio quality and sound experiences, headphones offer you the better than the Headset. Headset mainly focuses on to deliver good call quality and average sound quality.

If you compare headphones vs headset according to sound quality then the budget headphone gives you the better sound quality that you get from the high end priced Headsets.

However, the Headset made for gaming gives you good sound quality to enhance your gaming experience. They tend to include the surround sound of the game and also boost the bass so that you feel the game while playing.

So there is no doubt that the Headphones offers you the best audio quality comparable to the Headset. their sound drivers offer a wider range of sound frequency with balanced sound output.

Comfort and convenience

For Comfort, You will find headphones are more comfortable than the headset. Also for the outing, you would love to have headphone rather than headset because the headset has boom mic which is good for calling purposes but it looks quite ugly.

However there is some headset which has the detachable mic so, whenever you use it in outdoor you can simply detach the microphone from the headset so that it looks like as stylish as the Headphones.

In simple words, you can understand as that headsets are good for calling, Gaming and using while doing some formal works but for outdoor, travelling headphones would be the first choice of the users.

And else all other things in the headset and headphones are quite similar except that boom microphone. So that always prefer to buy the headset in which you can detach the mic so that you can also use it for your entertainment purposes.

Price Comparison

The last difference between headset and headphones is the price. And we know that Price really matters. The price difference between Headphones Vs Headset is not a major difference, A good and branded headsets costs you slightly more price than the headphones.

Especially the gaming headsets are costlier than headphones but also it offers you an extra microphone with good background noise cancellation and adjustable according to your comfort to enhances your calling and voice chat experiences.

In the other hand, Headphones are available at less price than the headsets because that is built mainly to give you good sound quality and average audio calling and chatting quality.

Now after knowing the price difference, if you are confused about which one to buy or which one would be perfect for you then read the below context that will really be helpful for you.

Which one is good to buy between Headphones and Headset?

Now after knowing the Complete and major headphone vs headset differences, It is quite clear that both the sound devices are good in their fields. Both the audio devices can be used for different usages.

If you want a good audio device for the purpose of gaming, Video and Sound editing or calling then the headset would be perfect for you.

If your major need is to be a good sound device especially for online multiplayer gaming, live streaming, video editing then a good and Branded gaming headset would be perfect.

Also, you should choose the detachable microphone headset that would be very useful because you can attach or detach the microphone according to your need.

On the other side, the headphone is the perfect audio device for those who only need for entertainment purpose like for listening songs then the headphone would be the best choice for them. Because headphone is made for sound lovers it has good sound drivers which gives you an excellent sound output with active Bass.

Also they are easy to carry because there is not any extra boom Microphone attached in it.

So that’s it form the Headphones Vs Headset differences, Now i think that after reading this you definitely know the Differences between the Headphones and headset. And if you have any doubt then comment down below, Also write how this article help you to know about the audio devices.